Our History

About Us

Redline Performance Management (RPM) was founded by John and Loriann Putzier to bring together their lifetime network of thought leaders and subject matter experts to provide a full spectrum of performance improvement initiatives and strategies. Services include consulting for organizations as well as coaching for individuals. Loriann possesses a specialty focus in Senior Living operations and services.

Redline is a metaphor taken from the tachometer (a gauge present in every car) that measures engine performance in revolutions per minute (RPM) intended to give feedback to the driver to get maximum performance in every gear, without damaging the engine, i.e. “taking it to the redline!” (or limit)

Without going too deeply into the motorsports analogy, the parallels to organizational and individual performance are absolutely perfect. We all want to perform at our peak, but we also do not want to blow up the engine. We all want to know how to get the most out of ourselves and our teams, but we also want to do it both efficiently and effectively.

RPM is not a “one-size-fits-all” consulting, coaching and training firm. Each client is unique, and so are the tools, techniques and talents brought to bear to address your challenges and expectations. But even though every organization and sector is unique, there are numerous universal truths when it comes to understanding and soliciting maximum performance. These are called the “structural determinants of behavior.”

Simply put, “People + Process = Performance!” (and Profitability). You may have the right people, but without strong processes, you will under perform. Conversely, you might have great processes, but without the right people with the right training, your processes are just words on paper.

Let RPM show you how to perform at the Redline, through organizational consulting, tools and processes, and individual coaching. To go back to the racing analogy, you can’t win without the best car, the best driver, the best team, and the best training. Now, let’s go racing!